Dick Cheney and More War Propaganda

Dick Cheney and More War Propaganda

Like a true student of Frank Luntz & Karl Rove Vice President Cheney has a new mantra for continuing the failed Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld Iraq war policy. In a recent speech to American Troops Cheney_3 he used "come home with honor." That’s right, "come home with honor." It combines strong words "home" and "honor" while implying any talk of leaving Iraq is dishonorable. Isn’t that clever? That’s how our second in command fashioned his rallying cry for the killing fields of Iraq. Even Hitler’s Goring couldn’t come up with better war propaganda. Now you have to admit these are well chosen phrases only Luntz and Rove could string together for Cheney. So, according to the master of twisted logic, if we use the good judgment to bring our troops home, that really is a "retreat" and every American knows, we don’t retreat. So we had better not only stay in Iraq, but even increase the size of the troops – right?

But wait, there’s more. He had the hubris to resort to the trashed Bush/Cheney old slogan "complete the mission." Yes, just when you thought even George Bush knew he had to abandon that old chestnut, our vice president drug it out again. Then he used the proven winner "getting the job done right." Everyone wants to get a job done right. Here’s what he said: "The American people will not support a policy of retreat. We want to complete the mission. We want to get it done right, and then we want to come home with honor."

There you have appeals to American pride and American values combined in one phrase. Straight out of the play book of how to frame words that appeal to American values without regard to the lies. Just like advertisers; you know "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz," this administration loves war propaganda slogans that hide the lies behind words calculated to appeal to American pride and values. Not only that, Cheney rolled out the old gimmick of painting anyone who disagrees with the administration policy as being disloyal to America and supporting Al Qaida. That’s an old politician’s trick of ignoring the question or the issue and instead attacking the person who raises it. Here’s the way our Vice President used that old tactic, he said if we were to do what leading Democrats propose "all we’ll do is validate the al-Qaida policy." On top of that, he found even more Luntz – Rove phrases to use when he said "The al-Qaida strategy is to break the will of the American people – in fact, knowing they can’t win in a standup fight, try to persuade us to throw in the towel and come home and then they win because we quit."

There you have it. More appeals to American pride with "break the will of the American people"and "throw in the towel" and worst of all to "quit." No red blooded American would stand for any of those despicable things. Talk about manipulation. I mean the man threw in every manipulative tactic Luntz and Rove ever taught him while never meeting the issue head on. He offers no rational reason for not only continuing a failed Iraq war policy, but adding to the failure by increasing the number of our young people we send into this morass of suicide bombing, civil war and death. Instead, he throws out a bunch of political slogans, accuses anyone who disagrees with their losing policy as being not just disloyal to America, but supporting Al Qaida and never addresses the issue head on. You can thank George Bush, Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for where we are in Iraq right now and for not taking action to stop the madness. But, you know what, every conservative idiot talk show host like obedient puppets use those phrases and a sizeable number of Americans will be deceived into agreeing with the calculated political propaganda it really is.

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