Pope Benedict Shows He is the Same Arch Conservative

Pope Benedict Shows He is the Same Arch Conservative

I’ve commented before about Pope Benedict starting to expose his real arch-conservative beliefs after first trying to present himself as a moderate. (See post 3/14/07) When first elected he seemed to be reaching out to dissidents and other faiths. Now Vatican observers are reporting that since turning 80 Pope_benedict years of age and after three years at the job he has more and more frequently shown that his views are the same as when he was the late Pope John’s junk yard dog, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in reigning in those the Vatican saw as "liberals." Vatican observers say that he has rebuffed Bishops who have urged a change to allow divorced Catholics a more full participation in the Church. He has taken a hard line with politicians about their political position on issues like abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage. He has totally closed the door to any thought of changing the requirement of celibacy for priests. Then there was the disastrous speech which infuriated the Muslim world. Of course this means a trickle down effect which results in Bishops taking the same hard-line stance in order to stay in favor with the Vatican. American Bishops have reflected the conservative views of this Pope in their dioceses. As one respected Spanish theologian has been quoted as saying about Pope Benedict who turned 80 on Monday:

"He is an old man and the papacy weighs heavily upon him. He’s afraid of change."

I suggest that is exactly the problem with my Catholic Church. It is afraid of change and clings to the traditions of centuries long past when what is needed is a return to an administration consistent with the teaching of it’s founder based upon compassion and love.

One thought on “Pope Benedict Shows He is the Same Arch Conservative

  1. Well That is objective lol

    THe Church will not change core doctrines or beliefs on Homosexuality, Bith Control,euthanasia and gay marriage.

    You know why? It has no power to do so. It cannot change the teaching of Christ no matter if people think they are outdated. Note Clerical Celbacy is a DISCIPLINE and can changed at any time.

    When I converted in the late 80’s I was in College. I was active in Campus Ministry and Catholic Student organizations. Boy were the unorthodox in charge in the store on that level. I think back with amusement on how many said our goals should be like the Episcopal CHurch. Wow GLAD WE DIDNT GO DOWN THAT PATH.

    The NEw genrations are not concerned with all tha mess. We are concerned about Orthodoxy. We see our future not with Liberal Protestant Sects but are more concerned about steps to reunite us with our Eastern Orthodox Brothers. All the proposals you suggest by the way would make that a dead letter and in fact you would see a mass exodus of Catholics to Orthodoxy. Thank God we know that will never happen.


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