The Bush Adminstration as Seen By The Foreign Press

The Bush Adminstration as Seen By The Foreign Press

The International Herald Tribune (10/26/07) had an editorial which began:

"President George W. Bush waited until he had vetoed a relatively inexpensive children’s health insurance bill before asking for tens of billions of dollars more for his misadventure in Iraq. The cynicism of that maneuver is only slight less shameful than the president’s distorted priorities. Bush keeps throwing money at his war, regardless of the cost in blood, treasure or children’s health care."

It goes on to point out that this is a president who turns federal surpluses into deficits, but uses an excuse for his veto it was to rein in lawmaker’s "temptation to over spend." It correctly goes on to note that this is a president who finances his war with borrowed money and keeps having to go back to Congress for "emergency funding" because he is either unable or unwilling to report the actual cost of the war. His last emergency request was for $46 Billion which would bring the 2008 price tag for Iraq and Afghanistan fighting to $194 Billion dollars. The total from September 11, 2001 is a staggering $800 Billion. This helps explain why the Canadian dollar is now worth more then the U.S. dollar for the first time in decades.

Not without blame are the Democrats who have failed repeatedly to end the Iraq war or to substantially change it’s course even though they were elected to do so. I am particularly unhappy with the lack of leadership in the House by the Democratic leadership. It is clear that the three Darth Vader’s, Bush, Cheney and Rice intend to hold a bunker mentality and continue the same approach to Iraq in spite of the costs, deaths and lack of hope of any real victory. Not only that, Cheney has started the drumbeat for military invovlement in Iran. Congress must step in and assume it’s responsibility for common sense both fiscally and militarily. It’s very clear Mr. Bush and his vice president have no concern for what anyone else thinks and never have had any.

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