Mark Link and Mohandas Gandhi

Mark Link and Mohandas Gandhi

Mark Link is a Jesuit priest who has written a number of books. He has published Gandhi a series of small booklets dealing with spiritual observations. One of these is Mission  which is for praying scripture in a contemporary way.  In this one he writes:

"Mohandas Gandhi is often called ‘the father of India.’ He once listed seven evils that destroy not only individual persons but also entire countries:

    • Politics without principle
    • Pleasure without conscience
    • Wealth without work
    • Knowledge without character
    • Business without morality
    • Science without humanity
    • Worship without sacrifice"

When I read these I was struck by how very true each of these are. We have seen under the Bush Administration the devastating impact of "business without morality." We have observed under this administration what damage is caused by "politics without principle." Our celebrities demonstrate by their daily life the effect of "pleasure without conscience." And, we have seen over the last couple of decades what "science without humanity" has brought us.

Mr. Gandhi was a wise man.

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