Readers of this blog know that I have never been a fan of Senator Joe Lieberman because I have always seen him as a fraud. (3/29/07) He represented himself as a Democrat only to get elected, but has Lieberman_bush consistently voted, as well as supported, the Republican agenda. Joe never saw a tort reform bill he didn’t like and was a consistent friend of George Bush as well as the Republican agenda. The only thing Democratic about the Senator is the badge he wears in order to deceive voters and get elected.

In 2006, when defeated in the primaries by a Democratic opponent who was opposed to the war in Iraq, Lieberman quickly declared himself an independent and went on to win the election in the end. Of course, once elected, he immediately continued his policy of being a supporter of the Bush administration and as a supporter of business as usual in Iraq.

During that campaign Leiberman emphasized to the voters that he would support Democratic candidates in 2008 in order to encourage them to vote for him. According to Ari Meiber in the Huffington Post he assured voters: "I want Democrats to be back in the majority in Washington and elect a Democratic president in 2008." True to his lack of honesty and character, once elected, Leiberman announced he was open to supporting a Republican as president. He has now announced, without even waiting to see who the Democratic nominee will be, that he is supporting Republican John McCain for the office.

Going back on his word is nothing new for Joe Lieberman, nor is fraudulent misrepresentation as to his true political affiliations. The only thing surprising is that he has been able to get away with the deception for so long.

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