Senator John McCain: A day late and a Dollar Short on Character

Senator John McCain: A day late and a Dollar Short on Character

The Huffington BMccain_bushhuglog has a posting about John McCain and his changed character since running for the presidency. I have complained about the change in John McCain myself. (See 2/6/07 "Senator John McCain and Lack of Character) I had regarded the Senator as a maverick straight shooter and admired his character until he began to lust over the white house. As Huffington points out:

"The fact that this man was so angry at what George Bush had done to him, and at what Bush represented for their party, that he did not even vote for him in 2000 shows just how far he has fallen since then in his hunger for the presidency. By abandoning his core principles and embracing Bush — both literally and metaphorically — he has morphed into an older and crankier version of the man he couldn’t stomach voting for in 2000."

I have as much or more concerns of the same nature about Mrs. Clinton, but I had those before she ran for office. At least she has remained consistent in demeanor. What bothers me is the change of character in Senator McCain along with his volatile temper. I also agree with the Huffington Blog about the conspiracy of the media:

"I am disappointed to seen the Every time McCain screws up, the media jump all over themselves to make it better, as if grandpa had said something embarrassing at the dinner table and it needed to be smoothed over as quickly as possible."

It’s been well documented that the major media outlets controlled by a handfull of people are McCain and any other Republican’s friend. While not every media outlet is as warped as the Fox network and the talk shows, he does get preferential treatment at the hands of the media.

Frankly, this presidential race presents me with unclear choices. None of the candidates are the super hero’s we need right now to bail us out of eight years of pure incompetentcy and corruption of principle. Certainly I would not vote for a man who has been a constant Bush supporter on Iraq and one who plans to follow the Bush administration with the same old diasterous policies, especially Iraq. Mrs. Clinton’s blatant acts of dishonesty (landing in Iraq under heavy fire is an example) and her obsession with being elected at all costs are truly troublesome to me. Barrack Obama’s lack of experience and his friendship with Senator Lieberman  are of concern as well. One thing I do know is that this country is at serious risk with another four years under a Republican adminstration in lock step with the Bush polices. I am not happy with Congress and it’s lack of determination, but with a Democrat in the White House there is hope for change that doesn’t exist with another Bush follower.

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  1. McCain, is not too bright. Graduated 3 from the bottom of his Annapolis Class, even though father had all the politcal pull, an admiral. On probation his entire 4 years from bad behavior to bad grades. What will he be like if he gets elected? May be the Republicans worse nightmare. As long as he stays with the bushie line i DO NOT see how he could win. Many voters will not vote for Obama because he is half black, but I believe enough of us will vote for him to win. McCain has some skeletons in his closet, with women, home savings and loan, wifes finances,his own assistance to special interests when he preaches no. McCain is confused who we are fighting in Iraq, who are the enemies, Shiite, Al Quaeda, Insurgents, etc.. He is also not truthful on his personal experience in Iraq sneak in, go to the market with a small military force, helicopters, etc., civilian and military on guard and announces it is safe to go to the market in Bagdad. We need a change. CB

  2. I am also troubled by the choices American voters are left with as the Democratic Party quarrels through the primary and the general election approaches. Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton are beating each other up side the head about various different issues, playing right into the hands of the Republican campaign strategists. No doubt Karl Rove is planning some sort of character attack on Obama or Clinton once the smoke clears and the nominee is declared. I don’t believe for a minute that Rove won’t be included in the Republican campaign for 2008. It’s what he does, it’s who he is.

    Hillary Clinton’s faux pas misspeaking of dodging sniper fire in Iraq combined with Barak Obama’s 20 year relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his inflammatory comments about America’s recent history are bothersome, for sure. But, John McCain as president? Yikes! The Democratic nominee will have shortcomings that pale in comparison to a continued Bush agenda. McCain suggesting that the United States troops stay in Iraq for 40, 50 or even perhaps 100 years is preposterous and shows just how determined these men are to be “right fighters”. They must be “right” at the cost of American troops, American taxpayers money, America’s international reputation and the echo of troubles that all of this will surely be inherited by the children of this generation and generations to come.

    The primary problem in this upcoming election is once again; The vote for a candidate that will least likely further damage America’s economy, foreign affairs, environment and worldwide reputation and a president who can be moderate enough to bring the country together rather than a polarizing results of Bush’s two terms. The next president must devise a bipartisan plan to mop up the disaster in Iraq without leaving the area more unstable than it already is. This is obviously a tall order, perhaps impossible… but watching American troops try to solve this problem militarily is unsatisfactory and just plain won’t work. They’re not trained to make policy, only to implement policies by those in Washington and is not fair to expect them to resolve this monumental failure. What the Bush administration is asking from the troops is a losing plan that has already cost America over 4000 troops and US taxpayers one half billion dollars that will most likely eclipse the $1 trillion mark… if we are lucky. I don’t like the choices we’re offered in Obama and Clinton… But I HATE the idea of a “Bush 3rd Term” practically assured in a McCain administration.

    Personally, I’m in the Clinton Camp. She’s not without her flaws… But she has a plan to responsibly withdraw troops from Iraq and stop the bleeding. She’s more electable than Obama in a general election against John McCain and has experience in Washington. Obama speaks in promises and platitudes that sound good when preached from behind a podium, but where is his plan? He is certainly polished, that’s for sure and with a little bit more experience, he might be a formidable leader… but I don’t think he’s ready and the state of this union is in a delicate situation to say the least right now. With inflation on the rise, a real and present recession, a very unpopular war, homes being lost across the nation in foreclosures, too many Americans without healthcare and an immigration debacle… I don’t think we can risk our next president getting his experience “on the job” in the oval office. There’s just too much on the line.

  3. Joe Liberman is a very good reason not to vote for John McCain, if one were otherwise so inclined. Liberman appears to have McCain’s ear and he is as scary as Cheney.

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