Today is Sunday June 1st. This will be brief because on this French key board the A, W and M are all in different places then our key board so it is one finger typing for now. Our drive from Paris was pleasant with Alan who lives near here and speaks very good English. The hotel is a very old farm remodeled into a hotel outside of town. We ate in the hotel last night: The food is very good and very French. You need a bank lHonfleur oan for wine by the bottle however. This morning we walked to town and attended Mass at the famous all wood church St Catherine. It was what we used to call a "high Mass."  The priest sang in a high tenor voice. Lots of candles and incense. Actually, a very lovely service. My favorite saint, Therese' was evident including her photo.  I did notice the French are no better than the Italian's – only coins – no bills.

We walked the town and it is lovely. Many small shops. A beautiful small harbor lined with sailboats and dozens of outdoor cafe's. We had a very nice lunch at a small outdoor cafe and watched many people stroll by. It's Sunday and there are lots of French tourist's as well as others. Tonight we eat in town. Monday we go to the World War II invasion area of Normandy.

I will end this brief report because using this key board is a frustrating experience. More later.

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