Merry Christmas to all from the island of Jost Van Dyke in the Caribbean. A small island with only a handful of residents it features "Foxies" a well known bar frequented by boaters in the area, a police station and a few wooden building offering food and tee shirts. There is electricity and a paved road, but little else. The bay is filled with visiting boats as this is a favorite unspoiled place for boaters to visit. We are at anchor and have spent the night here.

Last night Lita and I sat at a table hosted by the Pam Conover the President and CEO of the Seabourn and her husband Raymond. The other guests were long time customers. One woman had sailed 48 times on the line, many were one month in length. I was on good behavior for me and did not torment the CEO who is a very nice person and one who has worked her way up through the corporate ranks to a very important position. In the male dominated cruise line world that is an accomplishment. Lita looked radiant in the outfit I saw the model wearing in Palm Beach and which we bought before leaving. The food, as always was very good and the captain had anchored the boat to prevent it from tossing around too much. 

After dinner,the crew put on a Christmas show which was quite spectacular and which consisted of the crew singing and performing. There are some great musicians and one or two singers who are particularly good. They did an outstanding job and we all sang Christmas carols. There was a reading of the poem The Night Before Christmas by professional actors which was a treat of itself. This morning we attended Mass where the piano became the altar again and then went to shore. Foxies was not open even though Foxie the man was there at his bar without walls and which features tee shirts people have left which are nailed to the ceiling. He explained his wife had the only key to the liquor and refused to give it to him because it was Christmas. His big black Lab was in the water up to his body cooling off and Foxie explained he was an "island dog." That's because, he said, the dog is black, is free and no one knows who is father is.

The noon meal was most unique because it involved a line going through the galley to select from an extraordinary selection at a buffet with every kind of offering you can imagine. People are having a good time and have made friends with each other. Lita has wisely kept me at a table for two, but she has met many people. I tend to not do well on cruises on the Seabourn because the majority of passengers are wealthy Republicans

We are at rest here before we continue on to the next island. 

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