Last Thursday Lita and I attended a private dinner in Seattle with some twenty other  people and Governor Christine Gregoire.  Among the sujects Governor Gregoire discussed was our proposed budget. We have a two billion dollar short fall in our state, economic decline and increased costs to contend with. The Governor pointed out that the problem is complicated by the fact a large part of the budget leaves little room for cut back such as education, pensions etc. The economy is going South and sources of remedy disappearing with it. She has the enormous problem of trying to make many different factions understand the need for cut backs and each of them is resistant to any cut back. She has a legislature she has to also deal with who have their own political agenda and personal ideas about the subject. After listening I concluded that neither President Obama nor Governor Gregoire have a job I would want. She is a strong woman who led the negotiation on the tobacco litigation and had the courage to take the tobacco industry to trial in our state until they finally gave up. I am confident she will exhibit the same determination in this situation. 


  1. Washington is no differant than the other 49 states except we are better off than the majority. The solution is going to be how much of the stimulous package can our senators and reps. get. It appears the number will be around the 4.5 Billion to 5.5 billion. We have the politcial power to max out our needs. I see very little in the package to insure permanent jobs for the middle class. I would like to see emphasis put on saving jobs, for example, Boeing lays off l0,000, gov”t goes to boeing and states, you keep the l0,000 or near l0,000 on we will assist you on paying their wages, a large percentage but they also would have to hire l0% new employees in training programs, apprentice programs and gov. would pay the bill for the l0%, have standards, the trainee, has to be working 60 days before money starts, programs in place, etc. same with other co.’s with large lay offs, Germany has done such programs for years. The US has some programs similar also, state by state. We need to creae permanent jobs in the private sector, public works type jobs cannot be sustained by government over a couple of years and we need to keep government from running or attempting to run the jobs. We will work it out but it is going to take 4 to 5 years to create enough permanent jobs to help turn the economy around, and government regulations on all levels, enforced to make it work. It is a mess but we can do it. Permanent jobs in all of the business community need to be assisted in training, apprentice programs etc., Some stiff Jail time for those who cheat and abuse the system. CB

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