Lita and I arrived at our home in Scottsdale a few days before Christmas. We traveled with Josephine and  Valentino. They are our two Bischon dogs who complicate our lives, but are worth the effort because they are very loving animals. The weather was  in the mid forties, but clear and sunny. This hasn't been weather for swimming and we  have  had frost on the ground.

Dogs 2009008 We moved from our previous house, about a block and a half away in this gated community, to a different house. We had lots of help with moving our furniture and belongings to the new house, but every move  has problems. I worked with our computer tech for more then half a day trying to get the computer connected to the office network. I spent lots of time on the phone with the phone company trying to get the phones working. The garage door doesn't want to stay down & I have  a call into a repair person. The entry lights suddenly went out  and I have a call to an electrician for that problem and these are only a few of the situations we are dealing with. This means  frequent trips to stores to get things we find  we  need. In short, it has been very relaxing, but all moves are like that I think.

We are in North Scottsdale  where I am convinced  all of the bad drivers have collected. These are drivers who terrify you. They firmly believe stop signs are a suggestion at best and following your car  inches from the bumper is an appropriate way to drive, even on the freeway. They bring new meaning to defensive driving and the evening  news has  reports of fatalities as a consequence. We will spend New Year's here, but only at the nearby club house as I wouldn't think of driving on the roads New Year's.

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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