Today is Thursday here at the San Pietro Hotel at Positano. On Tuesday we had bright sun and after all the poor weather it was welcome. We got a ride to the top of the walk at Positano and headed down ending at the beauty salon. Lita had her hair fixed and they gave me my buzz cut for $30 Euro's. We came back to the hotel and had lunch at the main dining room. I realized I had lost my wedding ring. Due to my large knuckles on my left hand I had a ring that had a hinge that opened and would lock. Somehow it had become unlocked. In spite of checking stores and searching I'm afraid it is gone forever. If I had to lose it, at least it was here in Positano where we renewed our wedding vows, but it makes me feel bad I've lost it.

Capr After lunch we enjoyed the sun on our  balcony. That evening we got a ride back to the top of the walk and went down to the wonderful Serinuse Hotel built on the side of the hill. We had had our wedding reception here ten years ago so it was a pleasure to return. We had a drink on the outside deck, but it was cold enough they had heat lamps on. This has been a lot more like Fall then Spring. You reach the dinning room by going down an elevator. The dinning room is very lovely. The chandeliers all had small lit candles and the room is elegant. There was a guitar player and a mandolin player who entertained all evening. Dad loved the mandolin although no one played the one we had at home.

There was a physician and his wife from Chicago at the table next to us we talked to briefly. The food was good except my pasta was undercooked. The wine was good, but I'm still waiting for that great bottle of Italian wine on this trip. We got a taxi after dinner since I didn't think I'd make it back up the hill to the top.

On Wednesday we decided to take the passenger ferry to Capri. The weather was clear and the seas looked calm. We got a ride to the top of the hill and walked down, including a lot of steps, to the beach and the dock area where the woman had been swept out to sea earlier. The ride on the jet takes about  forty minutes. When we arrived at the Capri harbor we planned to take the funicular to the top area where the main town is located. It costs about $3 Euro's. However, there was a very long line of people waiting to use it. Clearly the ferries had dumped off cruise passengers and there would have been a long wait. We took a taxi instead for a mere $20 Euro's. It's a very narrow road which has many turns and twists so it was exciting. At the square we discovered lots and lots of people including noisy school children and many of them as well. Getting around in this small area and narrow streets reminded me of the Vatican experience. Lita wanted to explore so i found the outside seating area at one of the original hotels here, the Grand Hotel Quisisana. This elegant old hotel sits at an intersection of walk ways and a small square so I could drink my coffee and watch the world go buy. Tourists, dozens and dozens of them were everywhere. I then walked on down the walk way to the far end, past all the shops to an area most tourists don't go. A few small cafe like restaurants and small exclusive hotels.

Lita found that the smalll hotel Casa Morgano was serving lunch so we went there. We sat outside around the pool. The chef was a short obese woman who looked more German then Italian We split a salad of Mozzarella cheese and tomato's Lita ordered and my salad of octopus and anchovies. The dressing was olive oil. Both were very fresh and more wonderful then I can describe. We had pasta and fish after that and it was so delicious we decided this was the best meal we have had in years. Along with a good glass of wine it was an outstanding experience. I told the chef in Italian that I wanted to marry her and take her home which made her laugh. We walked back to the main square, through the crowds to the funicular which had no line and bought tickets. The ride only takes a few minutes.

At the harbor level there were crowds of people. We decided to give up our return ticket on the 6:00 pm jet and take the 4:00 pm instead because there was little to keep us on Capri. We had bought nothing. The shops featured clothes in loud colors for women and for men cuts of clothing to fit the slim young Italians, which leaves me out. Besides, we don't need anything and if we did it wouldn't fit in our suitcases anyway.

Last night we had dinner at the hotel, but after that extraordinary lunch everything seemed ordinary. We ate late since we had so much for lunch and got to bed late. As a result we didn't get up until 9:00 am today which is very late for us. The good news is the sun is out even though it is cool. We are off to lunch. We leave for London tomorrow. More to follow.


  1. I never heard of himeither till a few years back. I was impressed with his story and the way our country repayed him. I have at least on a yearly basis tried to read the story or remind my grandchildren of this man and others who have stood by tier faith and were men of Great Courage and Faith. In our world today there needs to be more Desmond T. Doss’s and others to give our Children True Hero’s and not this movie actor or sports hero’s. Not saying that they are bad necessarily. However, with Mr. Doss’s story it continued he lived the life of a Christian and kept his faith and never let the recognition as it were go to his head. Yet the only other big war story Hero of similar recognition was Audy Murpy –I learned of his Heroic episodes and was amazed at such a young life he was able to accomplish so much and be so brave and courageous–then to find out that he died in disgrace as it were–nothing like his days of glory. so many of the sports Hero’s also come under the gun with steroid use etc. I am sure there are others like Mr. Doss but I am not familiar with them. so Where ever they may be in history and in the future. May God Bless You and Reward You for your Faithfulness to God and Country.

  2. Ha. Our paths cross again. I’ve been watching the movie “The Conscientious Objector” and was running searches on this great man Desmond Doss, seeing if I could find any scanned newspapers articles (of course) from when he returned to a hero’s welcome – and voila, there you were. If you haven’t seen the movie you’d love it. I am so impressed. He makes the world a better place for having been here with us. What a sweet man. And after everything he went through his biggest concern was losing his little Bible. He said that book had gotten him through everything. The soldiers heard about it and went back into the combat zone retracing his steps and found it. You’d think that’s just lore but they show the actual letter where he’s writing his wife about losing it! He talks about how much it meant to him – how very very much – and how it made him both so happy and so sad that those men would risk doing that for him to have his Bible back. Aw.

    What I did NOT appreciate much was that although in the movie there is much talk of his “religion,” that he is “Seventh Day Adventist,” and his “faith,” when they played the old film footage from just after he received the medal of honor, they cut it off when Desmond begins to tell WHY he is a conscientious objector. I want to hear him, back then, explaining it at this president-attended regal ceremony.

    I am thankful this filmmaker (Terry L. Benedict) went and got the story from Desmond before the time had passed to be able to do so.

    Where am I going to find that footage (she asks herself)? 🙂

    My favorite thing he said was that he could not compromise or he would be in trouble. He said if he compromises once he’d be expected to compromise over and over again.

    Much love to you Mr. Luvera,

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