The ship is docked in Corsica on our fourth day of cruising on the Seabourn Sojourn. It is Friday May 16th about 3:30 PM.  We sailed on Tuesday afternoon from Barcelona Spain to closeby Palomas Spain on our first day. From there we went to St Tropez France. It was a memorable trip at night with huge seas and winds up to 50 mph. Very rough and apparently the worst storm the crew has experienced in some time. We made it without becoming sea sick and enjoyed the calm waters and warm weather of the island of Corsica. We leave this afternoon for Civitavecchia Italy, a coastal town about 1.5 hour drive from Rome.

The ship is new and a pleasure to be on. The food and service excellent. We have a suite with a large outdoor balcony. The ship seems full of passengers but it is not crowded and there are several choices for eating on board. There are people using canes, walkers and even wheelchairs so my need for a cane isn't too unusual. We are a group of older passengers with no children on board but many different countries represented.

We have yet to see a show that is offered at 9:45 pm each evening – well past my jet lag bed time, but it is improving so perhaps I'll be awake to see one before the cruise is over. We also have not done any shore excursions which often are four hours long as we would rather explore ourselves.

Today we went to the public market which was colorful and fun to see. Lita bought bread, cheese, ham and olives for a light lunch and she shopped while I wondered back to the ship. A large French cruise ship has come in tied across from us and there are many people in town although it is not a problem. Very nice place. We'd like to visit again some time.

We're not sure what our plans are for the next stop as we have visited Rome so often. Perhaps we will explore the local town where we tie up. We hope the weather holds with sun and clam seas. More reports to follow..


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