This is a follow up to my last post about the trip to South Africa. On our return, we flew from Sigita in Kruger National Park after two weeks of viewing and photographing the animals in South Africa. A one hour charter flight to Johannesburg and after a short layover we continued on to Dubai. Following a several hour layover in Dubai we flew back to Seattle. Not counting the time spent between flights we were in the air twenty one hours. We are still suffering from jet lag, but the experience was worth it. Except for a couple of days we had great weather and great viewing of animals. We also had the luxury of flying first class on Emirates Air and it's hard to complain about the private suites plus the flat beds as well as the food with the service. The two safari resorts we stayed in were small luxury ones as well. While the "getting" and the "going" were difficult we experienced the best accommodations. We were able to view the animals up close. We did see them all:  lion, leopard, elephant, water buffalo, rhino, painted dogs, lion cubs, hyena and many other animals to see and photograph. Here are a few.
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