The Suspicious Death of Rizwanur Rahman in Calcutta

The Suspicious Death of Rizwanur Rahman in Calcutta

On this Blog you get all the news including news about the suspicious death of 29 year old Rizwanur Rahman in Calcutta. It’s a story of love ending in tragedy. The International Tribune reports Calcutta that the police have reported his death as a suicide, but many believe it was an arranged murder with police involvement. Police are accused of aiding his wife’s family, very rich Hindus, who had opposed his marriage to their daughter Priyanka Todi. Rahman had been born in a Muslim ghetto, but managed to become a teacher at a prestigious college where he taught in the multimedia institute. The two met, when she was a student there, fell in love and got married in spite of strenuous objections from her family. She left the home of her rich parents and a life of luxury to live in a one room home with her new husband in August this year.

Immediately, her father began pressuring the couple to separate and for his daughter to return home. He threatened her husband with "dire consequences" if he did not send his daughter home. After several months, the couple agreed she could make a visit home to see her family. However, when she failed to return home, the husband asked for police help. He complained to the police that she was not allowed to talk with him on the phone and was being held against her wishes. He asked the police "Please help me get back my wife." Shortly after that his body was discovered near the railway tracks just outside Calcutta dead with head injuries. While his wife reportedly told the police she believed he committed suicide and her father was blameless, many believe the wife’s statement was made under duress of her family. They are convinced he was murdered because he was a poor Muslim married to the daughter of a rich Hindu.

So there you have it. A story of mystery, love and tragedy which has caused protests, demonstrations and controversy in India.

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