Phuket Weather Report

Phuket Weather Report

It is Monday October 29, 2007 in Phuket, Thailand and it should come as no surprise to those reading this Blog that it is raining. In fact, it has rained every day since our arrival here. The only variety has Umbrella been the intensity of the rain. The rain here is not like our Northwest weather. Here, it comes down in enormous volumes of water that land with enough force to see it bounce back up and it is relentless rain. The other difference is that the rain doesn’t fall from high dark clouds. A cloud, like a large fog bank moves in so visibility is limited and the downpour begins.

However, yesterday, between torrential downpours, there were a few breaks. One, in the morning lasted long enough for us to actually sit by the pool for a couple of hours. Not sunny, you understand, but no rain. The majority of yesterday was spent inside looking out as it rained with the exception of trips to the resort main buildings for meals. Everyone, including the help, walk around carrying umbrellas. At least it’s warm in spite of the weather. We really haven’t explored the grounds because of the weather. So, I’m not able to make much of a travel report except I can tell you everything about the inside of the rooms.

Last night, as every night, for several hours, there were three women who played Thai music in the court yard, but under cover. Normally people would be outside sitting at tables having a drink listening, but there is no one in the court yard because it is raining hard. They look very lonely playing to people who are on the far side of an empty court yard and swimming pool in the restaurant.

There are several couples in the restaurant who look like they are on their honeymoon and appear not to care what the weather is like. There are a number of people staying at the resort. They arrive holding their umbrellas and most seem to  be having a good time anyway.

The compulsion of the Thai employees to be of service here can be disconcerting. Much bowing and showing of respect. They come out to meet you as approach the restaurant and before you can get your rain coat started off or fold your umbrella they are assisting. Your chair is pulled out. Your napkin opened and put in your lap. It isn’t like the treatment you get from a New York cabbie I’ll tell you. They are a very mild mannered, polite people who want to serve your every need. That doesn’t include the weather, however. The vegetation and flowers are very beautiful. Their artistic tastes are reflected in the pottery, sculpture and architecture. It is a beautiful country. I can’t help thinking, however, Hawaii is much easier to get to then here and probably better weather as well.

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