1. I have very fond memories of your Dad and Mother. He would call and ask me to lunch at their home, and we would have cheeses and sausages with bread and a glass of wine. Your Mom would set up the little table and wait on us. I would take a little something and he enjoyed my smoked salmon the best. He got me interested in wood carving, which I do to this day. I have his book sutographed and the Totem he carved for me and painted by your Mom. Even though it has been many years ago, I can still see the food etc., as if it was yesterday. The conversations we had where priceless and again can recall them to this day, All of the things you have said are true but your Dad knew people and he had a Toughness, not in a bad way, but because of his lifes struggles that I admired and he use to say to me, that I had a very tough personality at times and I would reply almost as tough as you. He had a gift of getting information from me he wanted to know about but would come up in a conversation. Our Politics were the same and a lot of our interests. You were lucky to have such a great Dad and Mother and they taught you well. CB

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