We are at the beautiful Las Ventanas Resort at Los Cabos, Mexico. This Rosewood Hotel Resort in Baja California Sur is a five star hotel that is as elegant and as nice a resort as you will find anywhere in Mexico. We are between San Jose and the town of Cabo, but closer, by far to San Jose. The hotel is on the sandy beach.

The flight from Seattle on Alaska Air is an easy 3.5 hour flight and the immigration as well as baggage system is painless. The only quirk is the system of red and green lights as you exit. You push a button and arbitrarily you get either a red or green light. If green, you go right through, but if red,Los cabos they go through your luggage. Once past this area you are in the lobby area where you are surrounded by people speaking English who greet you like a lost friend, ask where you are going etc. They are all sales people. Most trying to sell you a time share and you have to move tthrough to the taxi stand for the authorized transportation to town.

We are met by hotel representatives who put us in a hotel Hummer and give us cold bottled water on our way to the hotel some thirty minutes away. Several hotel people greet us by name and we are taken directly to our villa, No. 102. It is on the ocean and has it's own small dip pool. A very nice room wit h a kitchen area and Internet connection. It is warm, 90 degrees on Saturday, the day we arrive. We unpack and put on shorts to just relax. This room comes with a "butler" whose name is Raymundo. He shows us around and asks if we want him t o unpack our suiitcases. I'm impressed but decline as I don't want him to see the way I pack. There is a loud explosive sound like the military shooting cannons every few minutes while we were unpacking. Investigation shows that is the result of enormous rolling, breaking waves crashing into the beach like a small tsunami. This isn't a day to swim. They are beautiful and throw white foam everywhere.  They look the waves in Hawaii you see on TV where the surfers are riding under the curl of the wave.

 There are lot of people walking the beach. I hear someone talking very loud from the beach area but can't make it out. Finally a woman in a bikini comes into sight near the edge of the beach where the waves are coming in. She is shouting into her cell phone to be heard over the noise of the waves and she might as well be sitting next to me as I am forced to listen to her end of the banal conversation. I wonder what the person on the other end of the phone heard with those waves crashing in. People and their cell phones are a personal irritant to me anyway. They get on elevators and trap me while talking too loud on the cell phone about nothing. They sit next to me in airports yelling into their phones. They are everywhere. In the airport bathroom some idiot in a stall was loudly talking on his cell phone while he flushed the toilet and made primitive noises doing what is intended to be done in such places. Who are these strange people anyway. I would love to own one of the Japanese devices smaller then a bar of soap that block all TV and cell phone signals in a thirty foot range. Unfortunately, they are illegal in the U.S.

I am still trying to practice my Spanish while the people here are trying to demonstrate their English ability which makes for a strange conversation. However, I am getting better with my Spanish, or at least people don't laugh or look puzzled as much.

The restaurant area around the pool is lovely with an large infinity pool and a bar you can swim up to.  The service is what you would expect in a place like this and the setting, looking out over the beach to the ocean, is wonderful. They have lighted lanterns and there is  live music. Very unique place.

We are here because I am attending the annual Damage Attorney's Round Table convention at the Marquis Resort which is next door. We are here until Wednesday and then we are going to spend a few days in Scottsdale, AZ. I'm trying to prepare for my talk this week while enjoying the surroundings. I'll keep you posted.

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