Greetings from tropical Maui with warm temperatures and the sound of crashing waves. Yes, I know it is Good Friday & Lent,  but Lita and I are here for  business. I have a deposition of a client next week in a case Hawaii we have here in Maui. It is a tragic case involving a Maui man, married with young children who was treated for a tumor with radiation therapy and was given excessive amounts with devastating consequences to  him. Maui lawyers have associated our firm in the case and we will meet the client for the first time next week.

 We  decided to come a few days earlier for the break. We are at the Fairmont Kea Lani in a ocean side villa. A two level unit, it is close to the water and has a small dip pool. A very nice place and comfortable,but not inexpensive.

The flight over on Hawaiian was full and the hotel is close to full as well. It's Spring break and families with children are here. It was hot on our arrival – 85 degrees. After lunch we unpacked and relaxed. Hawaiian  does a good job with their service and even the airplane food, such as it is. We had a fish dinner at the hotel which was fresh and good.

This morning at 5:00 AM  when we woke up (Hawaii is  three hours behind Seattle time)it was dark, but a pleasant outside temperature. As soon as it was dawn there was a parade  people walking on the sidewalk which runs along the upper beach for some distance. The Four Seasons is next door and close. The walkway extends past that hotel as well. I look forward to doing nothing and the warm sun.

As I type this I have the sliding door open and am listening to a CD of Rachmaninoff music when a small bird flew in. I have chased it back outside and I suspect the bird has learned to fly into these units to find food. I hope that is the most stressful event of the day. I'll keep you posted.




  1. This was a treat to read and brought back memories of my brief time there in April ten years ago. We ate breakfast outside every day, and one morning our party was joined by a cheeky little bird, who perched on the edge of a bowl and had a lovely breakfast of yogurt and fruit. Then he chirped once, as if to say, “Thanks”, and flew away. When I think of Maui, I always remember him. Like you, I like nothing better on vacation than doing nothing.

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