A week after we arrived we are leaving warm, sunny Hawaii for cold & rainy Seattle. It's been a relaxing business/vacation trip. We have been at the Fairmont here at Maui which is located next door to the Four Seasons. Our unit is below the hotel main building where there are a row of two level rooms near the water with small dip pools. Except to eat and a couple of shopping trips we have not left our area. We have spent most of our evenings next door at the Four Seasons.  Great food and the bar has live music plus hula dancing.

On Monday we drove a half hour away to Wailuku where our client lives and the local lawyers have an Hawaii office.  After meeting with them, we drove to the client's house. The client who was over radiated has a hole in his neck & can't speak. His hearing has  been damaged & he needs an amplifier to hear. He is fed through a tube in his stomach. He is mostly confined to bed. He requires constant care & monitoring. The next day five defense lawyers, a court reporter, a video operator, local lawyer & I crowded into the small bedroom fort his deposition. I asked a question. The wife would repeat it into the amplifier and he would write an answer on a yellow pad.  She would then read his answer. Given the situation I asked exactly three questions. The lawyers had none and it was over in just a few minutes.

If you think about it, here is this forty plus year old who married his highschool sweet heart. They have two young children. He has a steady job & is a devoted dad & husband. He is diagnosed with a tumor in his head & is given grossly over normal radiation causing his whole life to be turned upside down. Not only that he contracted a serious hospital infection & was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. In the meantime I am laying around reading & enjoying food and sun. If I ever complain again I should be punished.

We are packed & ready to face Northwest weather.


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