I’m just reporting in so you’ll know I am alive yet. We have been away from work for months and there is a slight concern to learn the office seems to run just fine without us. The rule is you should never go on vacation because the rest of the office will find out you aren’t needed.These past 7 months haven’t been a vacation however. Four surgeries later, I have a new knee joint. We are hopeful the joint is now finally free of any infections and rehab will result in a knee that allows me and Lita to return to full activities again. The results look good and the doctor is optimistic. I start physical therapy next week. The surgery was December 8th with six weeks being the usual time to regain movement. The surgery was extensive enough I don't know what to expect by way of recovery, but the signs looked good at this point. I can tell you I am anxious to get rid of a wheelchair and walker plus being able to just bend my knee after months of dealing with a rod that kept the leg in a straight position.

As to the reason why this past seven months happened, I'm not fully sure, but I chose to see it as in this poem:

For every burden that we bear,

For every sorrow, every care,

There's a reason…

For every grief that bows the head,

For every tear-drop that is shed,

There's a reason…

For every hurt, for every plight,

For every lonely pain racked nigh,

There's a reason…

But if we trust God as we should

All must work out for our good

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