My wife's dad, Hollis Barnett loved poetry and had memorized a number of poems. I wrote about that and mentioned of the poems was Sugar Toothed Dick. I could not locate the full poem until my friend Dennis Donnelly located it. Here it is


O For dainties was sick,
So he slyly stole into the kitchen,
Snatched a cup from the pantry,
And darted out quick,
Unnoticed by mother or Gretchen.

Whispered he, "There s no cake,
For to-morrow they bake,
But this custard looks rich and delicious ;

How they ll scold at the rats,
Or the mice, or the cats ;
For of me I don t think they re suspicious,

"They might have filled up
Such a mean little cup !
And for want of a spoon I must drink it:

But tis easy to pour
Hark! who s at the door?"
And the custard went down ere you d thinlr it.

With a shriek he sprang up;
To the floor dashed the cup;
Then he howled, tumbled, sputtered, and blustered,

Till the terrible din
Brought the whole household in
He had swallowed a cupful of mustard.

0 thoughts on “SUGAR TOOTHED DICK

  1. Paul,

    I think you know how much I treasure my own experience of spending three years on purse seiners with skippers named Zuvich, Stanovich and Pecaric. Still, I sometimes think I was motivated to go to law school by the 4 am clanging of the bilge alarm that preceded the starting of the big diesel a few feet away from where I had just fallen asleep in my cramped and smelly foc’s’l bunk.

    Best wishes for 2012 and beyond!


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