We sailed from Mongtenegro at 4:00 pm. The captain took a sight seeing detour to the two islands on the way out. When he announced the "detour" I thought of the ill fated Italian captain who put his ship on rocks in Italy, but this detour was without incident. He circled the two islands with the church and monestary which gave us a great view. Afterwards he headed out the fjord towards the Greek island of Corfu. The seas were calm and that makes this cruise very pleasant.

We went to the lounge before dinner for caviar and down to the main dining room for another excellent meal. The room becomes full with the two hundred passengers, but somehow they are able to provide efficient service and good food from a menu with many selections. It is an impressive display of organization. After dinner we went to the lounge to listen to the piano player and singer.There were less then a dozen people there and none of them will ever see sixty again. One couple asked for a Neal Diamond song and danced to it, after which they left. Another man did a very active dance as if he were alone with his wife hanging on for dear life. Two older women from the UK sat in front of us talking loudly: "Do you think that's his girl friend?" (referring to the piano player and the singer) "I hope so. Isn't she very skinny?" and so on. Within a half hour the 10:00 pm show started and everyone, except for the two women, left. It must be har for the piano player and singer to keep the show going. We left for bed

The ship arrived in Corfu Greece around 10:30 am. We were tied to the dock.after breakfast we walked about 100 yards to waiting buses that took us into town. There were three cruise ships at the dock so the town was crowded. We walked  the narrowstreets with little shops on all sides selling junk, looking for something worthwhile and found nothing. We had a good lunch and watched the people go by. The cafe was along the busy street and the owner stood outside with a menu talking to anyone who walked by about eating there. The people watching was more satisfying than the "shopping." After lunch we walked back  to the ship.We had another fine meal in the dinning room and were in bed early. We still haven't seen a show on this ship since they start at 10:00 pm which is late for us. We sailed around 7:00 pm

Another smooth night cruise with calm waters across the sea to Brindisi, italy. We arrived around 8:00 am through a narrow channel with industrial installments of every kind on all sides. Not a very pretty sight. We've been here before and it has never been a city that we've found very interesting. They offer tours to the nearby towns of Lecce, Trulli and Ostuni. We've been to Trulli which is a wonderful small town with round, stone and white washed houses. We enjoyed our visit there. We had decided to stay on the ship, but decided to take a taxi to Lecce which he had not visited. The driver, Lino, looked like he was an enforcer for the mob and said little. It was a short thirty minute drive to the shopping area of town. We spent an hour there. Lita visited little shops and I walked awhile and then sat in  the park watching people. It was hot, in the high 80's. From there we drove to old town which was very interesting. There were ancient buildings and a Roman amphitheater which seated 25,000 spectators. There were wild animals and gladiators  as well as martyrs who were once in this place. We drove back to the ship for a late lunch and went to the deck to read.

We've received an invitation to eat with the captain. Having turned down previous invitations and having always eaten alone, we've decided we are obligated to accept. We've done this before and trust me, it's not very much fun. I'm going to try to be polite and even charming for which Lita has little hope. We also plan to try to stay awake long enough to watch the magician tonight.


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