Last night was the dinner with the captain. He is a very tall and large man who looks like he should be a tackle on the Seahawks. He appears to be in his mid or late 40's. A very friendly person with an easy smile, he was born in Norway. He lives in Istanbul because he married a woman from Turkey. The other guests consisted of a man and wife from London. He was knighted and therefore is "sir" and she is "lady" although I ignored protocol and called them by their first names. A very engaging attorney and his partner from Florida and two women from the UK who are traveling together. I enjoyed the people at the table as much as I disliked  the guest chef's tasting menu for the night. A series of small things on the usual small rectangular plate none of which were recognizable nor tasting like anything you would serve except to prisoners deserving of punishment. In spite of the menu, it was a very pleasant evening with enjoyable people. After dinner we went to the magic show at 10:00 pm. After watching the magician's basic tools of rope and scarfs he began a lengthy tick involving a man from the audience. We went to bed. The next day we learned that the trick consisted of the audience suggesting a trip with details, climaxed by the magician pulling a sealed envelope from is pocket with all the details written down. We were fortunate enough to miss it.

The seas were calm again last night and we anchored off of Dubrovnik. It is a beautiful city with a wall around part of it. We took the small boat in to town after breakfast. The seas were choppy and it was difficult getting on board the moving boat but they filled it with people and we headed into port. We walked through the main gate to the city where there is a very long paved walk way with shops on each side and outdoor cafes. It was warm in the sun and we walked  along inspecting the little shops. This was much superior to the last visits we  have made to towns filled with junk they peddle to tourists. I converted $100 to local Kuna for spending money. We had fun looking. My major purchase was a tee shirt and Lita bought some local jewelry so they made little money with us. The town has a lot of tourists,  but it is large enough it is rarely a problem getting around unless there is a large crowd on a guided walking tour.

We searched for an outside cafe to eat at and looked at several. We finally selected one down one of the many very narrow streets that connect the larger streets. I ordered an octopus salad and little had chicken. Unfortunately, neither was good and certainly not worth the price they charged only in cash, "no credit cards." We decided to walk back and take the tender to the ship for a small lunch of food that was edible.  The wind had come up and there was chop. When we got to the ship, our small boat was bounced up and down as well as sideways, but Lita was able to get off.  However, it became too difficult to stay tied to the ship. The went around to the other side to see if that was better, but since the ship had turned the bow into the wind it was just as bad. They returned to the other side and made a number of attempts, then returned  to the other side until finally there was a calm and I got off with difficulty. I was happy to have made it.

That night was the outside barbeque with music. The tables were set up all over the deck with a large buffet spread including two very large salmon. It was very elaborate. We sat at the upper  bar and watched the passengers while listening to guitar music. It was a very nice temperature. When the buffet started we left to eating the main dining area with a handful of other passengers. Buffet's with two hundred people serving themselves with introductions of every crew member is not my idea of a good time. We had a nice meal and went to the room. When the music started, one floor above us, it was a little loud with the doors closed, but a good way to enjoy it. The music continued to 11:00 pm. We were asleep. Tomorrow we arrive in Split, Croatia.

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