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I think many, if not most, Americans today see a total disconnect between the politicians in Washington and the American people. Americans generally see their leaders in Washington as  overpaid and 
overindulged agents  of special interest groups, the rich and the corporate powerful. CBS series “United
States  of  Influence” demonstrates this. 

The polls conducted reveal some striking  facts about  public attitudes. Seven out of ten said people like
Congressthem have little say in what their government does; eight in ten said most members of Congress are primarily interested in serving special interests, not the people they ostensibly represent.

Two in three – including nearly half of Republicans – say the rich benefit most from the federal government's policies. More than seven in ten say special interest groups and large corporations have too much influence on American life. Nearly the same percentage says the salaries and benefits of most members of Congress are too high

The poll found that only 13 percent of Americans feel representatives in Congress are primarily interested in serving the people they  represent.  The  great majority of  people, 80 percent, believe members are primarily interested in serving special interest groups. While that perception is longstanding, it has worsened since 1990, when 20 percent said members seek to serve their constituents and 71 percent said they seek to serve special interests.

Most Americans sees the rich – not the middle class or poor -as benefiting most from federal government policies. Sixty-six percent said the  rich benefit most, and it wasn't just Democrats: 67 percent of independents, 44 percent of Republicans and 43 percent of Tea Partiers said as much.

By contrast, just 12 percent said the poor benefit most – including just 30 percent of Republicans and 26 percent of Tea Partiers. And only four percent said the middle class gets the most from the federal

Now  add to this a U.S. Supreme Court, packed with Bush conservatives, whose consistent rulings in favor of corporations has set a new record of Supreme Court rulings slanted in favor  of corporations. This court actually ruled corporations are people which is so in conflict with common sense a high school civics student could do a  better legal analysis. All of Washington leans  more than the Tower  of Pizza in their own self interest and in disregard of Americans generally.

Look around the world today. You  see  people  in revolt against their government. You see it in Spain, Greece, and Italy, whose citizens are being squeezed by bankers insisting on austerity. You see it
in Chile and Israel, whose young people are in revolt. In the Middle East, whose “Arab spring” is becoming a complex Arab fall and winter. Even in China, whose young and hourly workers are demanding more – and whose surge toward inequality in recent years has been as breathtaking as is its surge toward
modern capitalism.

What is the most frustraing is there seems to be little can be  done about it. Congress  seems  unfazed by  the lowest ratings they have ever gotten from the American People. It's business  as  usual. The U.S. Supreme court is appointed for life, so the gang of five seems totally unresponsive to public attitude, previously established law or an oath of objectivity. They all appear to  have their own personal agenda and there seems  there is little ordinary Americans can do  anything about it.  


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