I'm trying a jury case in Seattle which started last week and has proven to be a challenge. I am reminded, however, about the butterfly as I contemplate my trial. 

The adult butterfly lays eggs resulting in young caterpillars that begin eating without stopping for two or
Cacoonthree weeks. They increase body size and change appearance. At the end of that time they bodies prepare to create a chrysalis or outer covering. They find a place on a branch and attach by spinning it's own silk. Most caterpillars hang upside down with a silk sling to hold themselves in place. 

After 24  hours they shed an outer-skeleton revealing the chrysalis underneath.  Inside of this cover the caterpillar anatomy is chemically going through a transformation from the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. In about one or two weeks and adult butterfly will struggle to emerge and fly away. 

It is important that the butterfly has to strugglle to get out of the chrysalis because that  effort develops wing strength. In fact, if one helps it get out it will end up with deformed  wings. Sometimes we  need to struggle in order to have the strength we need to deal with our situation. 


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