The virus has taken over the news which is understandable given the seriousness of the situation. There is a problem when politics become involved in health. The president measures the virus impact on his political reelection. When faced with a worldwide potential pandemic the obvious requirement is honesty and transparency. But, when involved in a pending presidential election, politics becomes part of the problem. The President counts on the strong economy as an important factor supporting his reelection. The virus impacts the economy in a very significant way. Consequently, the politically driven decision is to either immediately control the spread of the virus or misrepresent the seriousness of it with the hope that will restore the stock market and the economy along with reelection chances. That has resulted in confusion, inaction And outright lies from the president.

Consequentially, we should pay attention to the independent health authorities and be skeptical of the national reporting from the Whitehouse. We are fortunate that Washington’s governor has taken such a professional and commanding control over our state problem. He, and Seattle political leaders appear to be doing a very professional and competent job of dealing with the issue. 

On a personal subject, my failure to be current in this blog was due to a knee revision surgery on March 3rd. It appeared to have been successful until I developed a problem of minor bleeding from the surgical site. In spite of my icing the knee day and night and elevating, it continued to have a minimal bleeding. It appears that there is no specific site of bleeding but rather a collection of blood from the surgery. That was in  part due to the blood thinning medicine that I'd been taking even though I quit taking it as instructed three days before surgery. Additional stitches were taken and the knee re-bandaged. I am very optimistic or favorable resolution. We see the doctor again next week. Best of all I'm not in any real pain or discomfort. Fortunately, I have prayer groups on my side & a great doctor.

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