Joe Lieberman Confirms His Republican Loyalty

Joe Lieberman Confirms His Republican Loyalty

I don’t mean to sound like I have a vendetta against Senator Lieberman, but his latest demonstration of loyalty to his buddy George Bush and the Republican party while of turning on a former friend and colleague, John Kerry, is offensive. President Bush rewarded an unqualified Lieberman_bush Sam Fox with the political favor of nominating him for an ambassadorship to Belgium. This was a repayment for the St Louis businessman contributing $50,000 to the underhanded attack against John Kerry with the "Swift Boat" smear campaign and raising $200,000 for the Republicans. Among the lie of the Swift Boat group was that Kerry, a three time Purple Heart winner had "less then an honorable" discharge. Democrats universally were scathing in their response to this man’s nomination in light of his involvement with the Swift Boat group. As Senator Christopher Dodd said:

"U.S. Ambassadors need to be both responsible and credible, and Mr. Fox’s support for an organization known to have spread falsehoods illustrates neither."

Senator Kerry, at the hearings grilled Fox about his role and his financial support of a group that spread lies about while conducting a total smear campaign against him. So, what was Senator Lieberman’s position? Lieberman told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

"Sam Fox represents what America is all about, and that’s why he will be, when confirmed, an extraordinary ambassador"

In spite of the outcry about Fox’s nomination Lieberman again reiterated his support for Fox and continued to back his nomination. I’ve pointed out the obvious about his man before.(Take Off the Mask Senator Lieberman 3/7/07) He is not a Democrat and never was. Nor is he an Independent. He is a Republican who has misrepresented his party loyalty throughout is political career.

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