Arianna Huffington & the White House Correspondent’s Dinner

Arianna Huffington & the White House Correspondent’s Dinner

I greatly admire Arianna Huffington’s ability to write very witty comments with metaphors and analogies that ring true. I’ve even made a list from her books of phrases I thought were brilliant. In her blog The Huffington_7 Huffington Post she discusses her attendance at the recent White House Correspondent’s Association dinner where Cheryl Crow, Laurie David and Karl Rove had a heated exchange over global warming. Huffington said "The entire evening had the surrealistic feel of a Salvador Dali movie." Here’s what she said about Attorney General Gonzales:

"Speaking of Gonzales, he gamely made the rounds at the dinner, looking like a man waiting for the results of a medical test he knows didn’t go well."

She points out the absurdity of President Bush telling the audience that he wasn’t going to tell any jokes in light of the shootings at Virginia Tech when last year he had no hesitancy in attempting comedy in spite of the body count of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. Last year, she says, he had no hesitancy in pretending to look under the desk for weapons of mass destruction and other attempts at humor while the body count of American soliders and Iraqi civilians continued to climb.

She found Rich Little’s performance sub par and mediocre. She the then observed:

"One final take-away from the night. According to Rich Little, after the show President Bush told him he thought the comedian’s performance was "absolutely perfect." so the president’s record of being wrong about just about every single thing during his presidency remains intact."

I do like Arianna Huffington’s skill with words and her wit.

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