End of Our Vacation Cruise

End of Our Vacation Cruise

We never got off the cruise ship in Mazatlan. It was hot and the ship was tied up at a commercial dock some distance from the City so we decided to stay on board for the day. Our office staff took tours and enjoyed the day while we had Margarita’s, read and relaxed.

In Puerta Vallarta we sat on our balcony where we had a view of all the small ships that take Cruise_ship people out for a cruise around the bay with music, dancing and drinking. Long lines of locals boarding as one ship would leave and then another arrive to drop them off. All full of people having a good time. A ship built like an old fashioned pirate ship was filled to capacity with people jammed on board as it sailed out. This went on all day. All kinds of activity to watch, but in Mazatlan all we had to watch was a cargo ship unloading its cargo on the dock.

That night before dinner we heard a report that there were passengers who were sick with the Norwalk virus which is why the bars were not putting out pretzels and finger food. We were careful to use the disinfectant the ship provides everywhere, when you leave or board and at every restaurant area. After dinner I tried the casino crap table, won fifty dollars and quit – big gambler that I am and no virus problems for us.

That night the ship pulled out for Cabo San Lucas. We arrived there early in the morning with a red sky sunrise and the view of the famous rocks with the rock arch. After anchoring we checked out. With some difficulty our luggage was delivered from our room and loaded on the the tender for trip to shore. When we arrived at the dock area we were fortunate to have a porter assist in transporting the luggage because the taxi was some distance away. We took the taxi through Cabo and on to the airport. After checking in at American Airlines and clearing immigration we boarded the flight for Phoenix. Our luggage all arrived and we got through customs without any problem. From the airport we took a car to Scottsdale for a few days of relaxing before heading home to Gig Harbor. So ends our vacation cruise.

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