Vacation Report From the Golden Princess

Vacation Report From the Golden Princess

It’s Easter Sunday on the Golden Princess cruise ship. We are docked at Mazatlan, Mexico. This is a commercial fishing port located on a peninsula at the bottom of the Sierra Madre mountains. I was impressed to read that this city exports some 40 million pounds of shrimp every year.

We are tied up in the commercial dock area after  cruise from Puerto Vallarta. We got off the ship there and took a taxi to old town where we did a lot of walking along the water to our favorite cafe area on the beach. There were hundreds of locals taking advantage of the holiday. Umbrellas on every inch of the beach, people being towed in a parachute, people swimming and every kind of activity going on. After a Margarita it all seemed normal and watching the parade of people of all descriptions along the beach was better then going to a movie. We had a great fresh sea food lunch and headed back to the ship. After dinner we took in a magic show and then walked through the casino to see what was going on, but without stopping to lose our moneyand headed to bed. 

This morning we woke up here in Mazatlan and we plan to leave the ship shortly to explore the town plus have lunch. From here the ship heads to Cabo San Lucas where Lita and I get off to fly to Scottsdale. The ship and our office staff will sail from there to San Francisco where they get off for their flight home. There are a lot of people on this ship and I’ll be ready to leave them for a more peaceful setting.

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