Travel Report From Sea

Travel Report From Sea

We are crossing the Mediterranean from Alexandria to Turkey. The seas are calm and the weather warm. We’ve spent the night in Paris and then on to Cairo. In Paris there was a parade of WWII veterans celebrating the liberation of Paris from the Germans. There was a large building under construction and the front had been draped with canvas which had been painted to look like a building, but with wavy lines giving it a unique appearance. In Cairo, a.After first being taken to the wrong Four Seasons we ended up in the right one which was only a short distance. Our arrival at the first hotel was met with a barricade and a guard with a bomb sniffing dog. We were allowed to pass on and then had to go through a security device to enter the hotel. The traffic here is worse the Seattle or LA and no one seems to pay any attention to the lines on the street or traffic signals. Horns continually are honking and cars are inches away from one another. Driving is an adventure. The city reminds me of cities in Mexico which are poverty stricken, but I concede we had only a limited view.

The following morning we were taken to the Pyramids which was most impressive. Lita got on a camel and we viewed the Sphinx. From there a three hour drive to Alexandria. A very long drive through desert with some agriculture consisting of grapes, olives and other crops. Electrical wires hang broken from poles along the highway. Frequent walled areas with guards that we are told are military. Unfortunately, our guide, a very pleasant middle aged woman, is determined to give the full lecture on a continual basis staring with 3200 BC and working her way, slowly, to the present. I was ready to double her fee if she would only stop, but she is determined to give us our full monies worth. In Alexandria we travel along the water to a restaurant. The food is fresh fish and shrimp. The meal was very good.

After that we proceeded to the ship where I was finally able to say good by to our guide and board the vessel. We were able to unpack for the first time and enjoy the ship after the required life boat drill. A small ship with only 200 passengers, the staff is friendly and the food is excellent. We are now on our way to Turkey and will be at sea all day. Tonight is the dreaded formal night where a tuxedo is required, an affair that should be terminated on these cruises. More later

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