The “Do-Nothing” Congress

The “Do-Nothing” Congress

President Harry Truman, who defeated Dewey in 1948, took delight in attacking the Republican controlled 80th Congress for their lack of action. He called Congress the "do-nothing" Congress and pointed out how little they accomplished in any meaningful legislative action. The same epitaph of a "do-nothing" Congress Armadillo can be applied to the Democrats. Talk about "wasting political capital," the Democrats were elected in reliance on their promise to take action to bring the troops home and get America out of Iraq. But, this is the presidential election season and squandering their political capital Congress instead elected to go along with the Republicans while using a lot of rhetoric in blaming the Republicans for not doing something about Iraq.

The result? While Mr. Bush’s job approval rating has fallen to his lowest ever level of 29% Congress fared no better. Just 23% of Americans approve the performance of Congress. (See this link for more polling information) If it is true that we look to character as the primary issue in voting for politicians, both Congress and this president fail that litmus test. Congress has shown no back bone in taking the lead and instead prefers the safety of being the critic. As a Texan once said: "There’s nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead Armadillos."It’s time for Democrats in Congress to sit tall in the saddle and have the insides to do what they promised to do when they wanted the job.

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