Molly B – Saved from A Certain Death

Molly B – Saved from A Certain Death

While returning from a fly fishing trip in the Dillon, Montana area, my wife, Lita, pointed out an article in the Great Falls Tribune about Molly B. The article reported that on January 5, of last year, this 1200 pound Mollyb bovine was about be slaughtered at a packing house. While waiting in a pen outside she suddenly jumped the gate just minutes from her scheduled slaughter. With police, plant workers and animal control officers in pursuit, she ran down the road narrowly escaped being hit by a Chevy suburban, a semi truck and then a train. Missing them all, she managed to reach the Missouri river and dove in. She just about didn’t make it across the river, but witnesses say she kept blowing water out her nose like a whale and made a determined swim staying above water until the current took her down far enough she got her footing and climbed out on a sand bar. That’s how she got her name "the unsinkable Molly Brown" or Molly B for short. When the group of people chasing her finally caught up with her at the end of the six hour chase, she just stood staring at the group. They tranquilized her and loaded her in a trailerto haul her back to the packing house, but not for immediate slaughter. When the Tribune wrote an article about this, it was picked up by news wires and it became national news. Concerned people as well as zoos began calling, sending letters and cards from as far away as Sweden asking to save her life and sending money for her care. A couple of local DJ’s played the recording of "The Ballad of Molly B" and the attention was enough Molly B was saved from a packing house fate. She now lives comfortably and without fear in Great Falls. How about that for an animal story with a happy ending?

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