– Fame is Fleeting

– Fame is Fleeting

Sic Transit gloria mundi is a Latin phrase which more accurately is translated as “Thus passes the glory of the world” but is most often interpreted as “Fame is fleeting.” Until 1963 the phrase was part of the coronation of a new Pope. Three times during the ceromony a person carrying a brass staff mounted by a brazier would kneel before the new Pope and warn him “Sancte Pater, sic transit gloria mundi” or “Holy Father, thus passes the glory of the world.” This was based upon a custom from ancient Rome when conquering generals would be reminded: “Sic transit gloria mundi.” Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire refers to the custom. I was reminded of that when seeing an article about these young, so called celeberties and their irresponsible conduct. How quickly fame does pass for movie stars, sports heros and trial lawyers.

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  1. Jane Wyman was 90, not 93, when she died. Source is her official, family-sanctioned website at http://www.jane-wyman.com Excerpt: “Jane Wyman (her professional name) always allowed an aura of mystery to surround her birth date in St. Joseph, Missouri. Even though the date of January 4, 1914 was often given — because, like many people in the film industry, Jane initially wanted to be seen as older for career reasons — the State of Missouri issued a birth certificate for Sarah Jane Mayfield on January 5, 1917 to Manning J. Mayfield and Gladys Hope Christian, a doctor’s stenographer and office assistant. Further proof of Wyman’s current age of 90 is contained in her driver’s license and passport.”

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