William Barclay and Love of Neighbor

William Barclay and Love of Neighbor

My favorite spiritual writer, William Barclay has written:

"The true Christian loves Christ and loves his fellow men. More than that, he knows that he cannot show his love to Christ in any other way than by showing his love to his fellow men. However orthodox a Church is, however pure its theology and however noble its worship and its liturgy, it is not a true Church in the real sense of the term unless it is characterized by love for its fellow men…As Swift once said: ‘We have jut enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love another."

This is the reason I object to the iron fisted approach of those whose religious concepts claim adherence to the teachings of Christianity, but in the process inflict undeserved rejection, pain and hurt upon their fellow human beings whose views differ from their own.

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