I admit to being a big fan of Arianna Huffington’s political views. She has a way of expressing her views that are clear and simple. Her ability to find the right metaphor is a big part of why I like to read what she Nancy writes. Her blog has a piece about the Democratic’s caving in to the Republicans on key issues. As she quotes from the Washington Post, "mostly quiet acquiescence, if not outright support" of Republican positions.

Nancy Pelosi is a "fellow traveler" of Bush and the Republican party. She represents to me what is the worst failure of politicians and trial lawyers – the need to be loved. Their role is not to be loved, but to take courageous stands on important issues taking the flack that might come with it. She and other Democratic leaders were briefed about waterboarding and other torture techniques being used by the CIA and went along with it. They have only made a show of opposing the war in Iraq and the Republicans know they will cave in. So do the American people who elected Democrats to make changes in our economic, military and national policies because they were fed up with what was going on. Instead, it’s business as usual by the politicians.

As Huffington points out, the Democrat’s have already decided to capitulate on war funding which will be coming before Congress. They use the excuse of Republican opposition, but the fact is they don’t have the courage to take a strong stand on issues because they are concerned about their political career. Instead, the stick to the middle of the road where the yellow stripe is to be found. They stand on the sidelines and are afraid to take a stand. They have totally failed to show bold leadership. As speaker of the House, Pelosi should give up her deference to George Bush. She should remember to dance with the one who brought her – the people who voted for strong leadership and a change of policy about Iraq.

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