The Country Humor of Jimmy Dean

The Country Humor of Jimmy Dean

I’ve finished an easily read book Jimmy Dean’s Own Story which does not represent an intellectual challenge, but which has it’s amusing moments. He’s subtitled it "Thirty Years of Sausage, Fifty Years of Dean Ham." Some passages I thought worth repeating include his comment about having been brought up in the Seth Ward Baptist Church in a small town in Texas. He said about that religious experience:

"I’ve always maintained that being a Baptist won’t keep you from sinnin’ but it’ll sure as hell will keep you from enjoying it."

He says that when country western singer Tammy Wynette was getting married for about the fifth time Grand Old Oprey comedian Minne Pearl got an invitation. She said she wasn’t going and would just stay in Nashville and wait around for her summer wedding.

He has a down-home sense of humor. He repeated the joke about the old lady who as asked if she had ever been bedridden to which she replied, "Lord yes…. and a couple of times in a buggy." He quoted Will Rogers as having said: "The trouble with a lot of political jokes is they get elected." And, the line I particularly liked was: "You can say anything you want about somebody as long as you add ‘bless their hear.’ As in: "She’s about the homeliest thing I ever say….bless her heart." 

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  1. Some interesting quotes about Spitzer’s hypocrisy. I will use them, slightly modified, in the next trial I have defending a poor man charged with distributing obscene adult materials that in most parts of the country a prosecutor wouldn’t think about charging a RICO case against. Spitzer’s situation makes me wonder what is on the prosecutor’s computer?

    Pensacola FL

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