We left Ravello on Monday morning and were driven across the mountains to Puglia and our hotel Masseria San Domenico. It was a three hour drive through grape, olive and wheat area. It was 93 degrees outside and was beautiful. Our driver had trouble finding the hotel – stopping in the middle of the road to check his map with lights flashing. He also drove between 95 and 100 mph on the autostrada so we kept and eye open the whole time. A long drive into the hotel grounds ended in the middle of an old olive grove – the trees were 1000 years old. Lita thinks the hotel and grounds are beautiful. I think it looks like a minimum security prison. All stone buildings, stone court yard, little flowers or landscaping it looks stark and in need of color.

After a lunch outside and unpacking, we went to the pool. It is a large saltwater pool and it is not heated. The water is about the same degree as the ocean and that is cold. We had dinner – it was Lita"s birthday so she had a cake after dinner with a candle. We were in bed early.

This morning, Tuesday May 28thwe took a car and driver to four nearby small towns. Each was interesting. One has famous round buildings with cone shaped stone roofs. Our driver spoke no English so it was a challenge for me, but we got along very well. More on these towns later. The internet at this hotel is very slow. I can not find the coma and typing is difficult. I am in a small hot room with this computer so I will defer to later a continuation of our travels today. Tomorrow we are driving to Leeche so I will give a report on the full tour then.

We had lunch at a seafood restaurant was the best food I have had in Italy. A small fish grilled after an octopus salad. Lita  had a special pasta with squid ink and seafood. Wonderful. I am now heading for the pool, but not to swim.

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