Yesterday, we did nothing. We didn’t leave except for lunch. We used the hot tub and dip pool, read
and did little else. Great weather. Not hot and not humid. The ocean sounds are wonderful. The waves pound in less
then 50 yards away, hitting the rocks and sending spray flying into the
air.  Pelicans swoop low to the
water looking for a meal and drop like a stone when they see one. They appear to be successful.  I 
think of that rhyme “What an amazing bird is the pelican because his
beak can hold more than his belly can” or something very close to that.

 Last night  we
ate at  the other dining room at Palmilla.  Agua is located overlooking the Sea of
Cortez with a fountain courtyard and indoor outdoor dining. Unlike the first
night, the music here was outstanding. Two guitars, a violin and a young woman with a very clear voice, entertained. It was delightful Mexican music. After all, we are in Mexico and not New York so the music should be true to the
surroundings. The food was excellent. 
A very nice evening.

 This morning the flotilla of small boats was back at dawn. The man in the bow is like a ballet dancer keeping his balance as the boat dips and
raises from the large rollers that come in and break on the beach Wavebreakingonrocks4
only feet
away.  You remember the 1984 movie
The Karate Kid where the young man stands in the bow of the row boat like a
Flamingo? That’s what this reminds me about. You can also see the experienced net thrower from the inexperienced. The net should float out in a perfect circle with the weights. It's done among the rocks with the boat in constant motion. We sat, drinking coffee and watched the show. There are other larger cabin cruiser size boats  rigged with fishing poles waiting off
shore. It looks like the small boats are selling the catch to these boats to be
used for bait.

 This morning I’ve done some watercolors in my travel journal, had
breakfast outside with Lita and plan to read the books I’ve brought.  Right now I’m reading the biography of
the great country western singer Eddy Arnold born in Tennessee and an authentic
product of the South.  A full
report when I’ve finished it. Lita has taken a cab to explore the nearby resort where we have a meeting in April. Tonight we are supposed to have dinner at the resort we always stay at, Las Ventanas which is very close. 


  1. Well they might want to close the Rectory first and send all the priests into the streets without any money. So closing the schools was due to low enrollment or was it done as legalistic maneuver? Soon the church will need missionaries to the United States.

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