It's a little hard to report on events in Costa Rica when you only leave your room for meals, but since this room has an outdoor patio looking out over the water and a dip pool there is little reason to leave. Yesterday, at daybreak, Lita got a driver in a golf cart and had him take her to where the Howler Monkeys were making racket. She took some pictures of them and she was thrilled she saw them up close.

The weather remains warm and pleasant. There is a tropical breeze that cools things down. We've Costa RICA 2 spent a lot of time reading. The Kindle is an amazing device. I've loaded thirteen books on this small device and read three since we left home.

It's very hard to practice Spanish because everyone here knows English at different levels of ability and they  want to practice their English. This is our second visit to Costa Rica and we are always struck by the friendly people here. They are unfailingly polite and kind. Pura Vida does capture the people here. They are happy to help you with your Spanish, pleased when you  try and are pleasant to be around.  This is a wonderful country.

We ate at a dinner buffet on the beach the hotel offered which was very beautiful and with good food. The hotel does not appear to have a lot of guests, but, unfortunately, those that are here have brought their young children since this is school break. Children who seem to be largely unsupervised and used to staying in Four Seasons resorts. I miss my well behaved dogs.

One day we went to the beach and looked over the fresh fish daily catch for the  hotel to select the fish we wanted for dinner that night. Really  wonderful fresh  fish dinner.

We leave today for an hour drive to another resort where we meet our office staff who are coming for an office retreat. I will miss this room.

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