"Pura vida" is literally translated as "pure life." In Costa Rica it is a greeting and good by common phrase. For Costa Rican’s it implies a philosophy of a happy spirit, difficulties overcome and life enjoyed leisurely. Our unit is above the beach. It has a patio outside and a small dip pool. So, we spent the entire day there reading and doing nothing Monday. We went to the lobby only for lunch and dinner. The rest of the day was pura vida.

Tuesday morning at day break there was a terrible racket below our unit. If you want to listen to the kinds of noise we heard go to this site: http://www.belizezoo.org/zoo/zoo/mammals/how/how5.html The noise was from a family of Howler monkeys. These monkeys are found in tropical Central and Howler South America. When the howlers let loose, they can be heard up to three miles away and they do it in concert. The males have a large throat with a shell like vocal chamber that results in the noise. They are sending a message to other monkeys that this is their territory. They are the largest of all the America’s monkeys. They have a long tail which they use as an extra grip and tend to stay up in the trees eating leafs

Last night we also caught sight of a Coati. Http://www.belizezoo.org/zoo/zoo/mammals/coa/coa1.html

These animals stay active day and night. The males tend to travel alone and the females in groups. They are vocal with screams, whines, grunts and chattering. They climb trees and swim well. They are common in Central America and Mexico.

Coati We experienced this without leaving or unit area. Today we need to explore more. The weather is in the low 80's and hot if there is no breeze. The grounds are lovely and we need to check it all out. A report to follow.

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