We have moved from the Four Seasons to the Paradisus Playa Conchal Resort about an hour away by car. The trip here gave us a chance to see the country a little bit. The road is a two lane asphalt road without shoulders. Cars pass people on bikes riding on the edge of the road with only inches of clearance. But, the speed limit is 40 mph and our driver averaged 37 mph so it wasn't too  bad. This was a Rural farm area Costa rica 3 which was lovely. We arrived at our new resort and there were people waiting. Everyone was friendly, but the room wasn't ready. As a result we had to wait around for four hours before we could move in.

The weather here is warmer then our last place. Our room is about 100 feet from the beach. There are nine restaurants on the property. In  all but two everything is included in the price.  here are several pools and thankfully one  of them doesn't allow children because it looks like the Pied Piper has  collected an army of small childrenn. Children everywhere. This is not the Four Seasons. Here they put  a plastic bracelet on your wrist that is color coded to indicate  what package you paid for and what you are entitled to under the plan. Since liquor is included in the price there seems to be a lot of noise and the big pool has a lot of happy people many of whom are sitting at the bar which extends into the pool. We have a large suite, but it has a wall unit where you have to put your door card inside in order for the lights to work. When you leave and take the card with you the lights go out to conserve electricity.

Last night we decided to try one of the restaurants not in the plan and for which you pay. The prices were one half of  the Four Seasons, but this was in an area crowded with people  and small children.The noise level was high with small children running around while parents sat at the bar or at tables eating and talking. Two little girls were as active as someone who drank too much coffee. They played with the restaurant phone until exasperated employees intervened while the two mothers  were at the bar engaged in a conversation. Next, the two little darlings began going around to every chair and lounge chair in the area collecting pillows and stacking them all in one place like a mountain ten feet from where the two mothers were engaged in conversation over their drinks. Employees replaced the cushions a couple of times which the children interpreted as a game and repeated the collection. Our food  was not wonderful and because there was  a problem  charging it to  the room we  had to wait a very long time before we could escape the bedlam.

We watched the Gonzaga game. North Carolina destroyed them. This was not a wonderful first day at this resort. However, the people are great and the weather good.

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