Howler Yesterday we went to the pool reserved for adults. There some covered canopy set up’s with a sign says it’s a no reservation arrangement so if you are gone more then thirty minutes you lose it. The empty ones all had a towel or book or personal item on them so we sat elsewhere and read. No one appeared to claim the empty ones for a couple of hours so we asked the attendant who was very reluctant to take any action (Costa Rican’s are polite and don’t like confrontation) so we didn’t push the issue. After three hours one couple showed up put a book down and left. We did not see them again for another hour. The other canopy remained vacant with no one using it for hours. It reminded us of a hotel we stayed at in Hawaii where guests would get up at the crack of dawn to put a towel on their favorite chair and go back to bed. People are strange and an intersting study.

After lunch we went to the main pool. It is huge, bigger then many pools in Las Vegas, with palm trees and other vegetation growing around it. There is a bar you swim up to and sit on stools to order a drink. Since all liquor is included in the price at this resort, there is a lot of drinking going on. People here are therefore happy people. We were surprised to hear Italian being spoken by people in the pool. It turns out there is a large group of people from Rome here. Italians do know how to have fun.

There is a cable from a platform on a tree at one end of the pool  which extends over the pool. People climb stairs to a platform, get in a harness and ride the cable dow over the pool, dropping into the pool. I expect to see some kind of disaster before we leave.

There are islands in the pool with vegetation. Someone spotted a large Iguana on an island. Soon a crowd gathered standing in the pool to take photos and look. Suddenly the Iguana decided to jump into the pool and swim. There were screams and shrieks with people scattering as fast as they could in the water. The Iguana is harmless, but it was great entertainment.

Costa Rica played Mexico, in Mexico, for the World Cup soccer entry. Every Costa Rican was glued to the TV or listening on the radio. If you think the Super Bowl is a big deal, take a look at soccer in South America. Costa Rica lost two to zero.

On the beach in front of this resort are stalls with people selling everything. We walked around looking. Most everyone speaks some English and everything is sold in US dollars. It’s hard to practice Spanish when they want to practice English.

This is a large resort with several pools, nine restaurants, a shopping area and a casino. I stuck my head inside the casino. Lots of slot machines and blackjack as well as a craps table. People are friendly and helpful all over the resort. This has been relaxing.

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