We stayed in Glasgow at a delightful hotel, the Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens. The hotel opened in 1996 along a tree lined street. There were old Victorian town houses in this area and the Glasgow hotel consists of five of them which have been converted into a single hotel. The interior is true to its history and tastefully done.

We exited the train with all of our luggage which has somehow become heavier and larger. The rest of the passengers left on an afternoon trip by ferry to a castle and would return in the evening, so we instead got off at noon to travel to Glasgow. Stuart drove us and looked very proper in a chauffeur uniform with appropriate cap. The drive took an hour. After checking in we took a taxi to the Glasgow Botanical Gardens. The large grass area in side was covered – wall to wall – with people. The hot weather and sun is an event for rainy Glasgow. The flowers were very beautiful and the orchid’s were unique. There are two very large glass houses which were most humid in this warm weather.

We walked to a nearby area where there were pubs and cafe's on a narrow cobblestone street and had a beer while watching people. Glasgow University is close-by and you see lots of college students enjoying the warm weather. Afterword's with went back to the hotel and changed for dinner. We had a drink in the hotel whiskey bar. Lita's rough count was that there were  more then 100 single  malt scotch bottles available. I had my MacAllan's and we enjoyed relaxing before dinner.

The dinning room is small and is most often fully booked. The food  was extraordinary. Great fresh fish and tasty lamb with  a good bottle of wine. There were less then ten tables and there were people at all of them. After dinner we went up to the room and went to bed early, After the train and the narrow beds, the large comfortable bed was a real treat.

The  next morning we packed up and had our bags brought down the flight of stairs. The buildings are a registered historical building and elevators were not allowed to be installed. After breakfast we went to the Glasgow airport and found it was small enough that it was uncomplicated to check in and clear security. The  one hour flight to London was packed again on the same Airbus with three seats across on each side.

In London we landed in Heathrow and our bags came quickly. A driver was waiting and took us to one of our favorite hotels in London, The Stafford  Hotel. Two years ago they spent  millions refurbishing and improving it. Our room is in what used to be the carriage house for the horses and is now a very Stafford nice addition on the back side of the hotel. After getting to our rooms we went in different directions. I went to the Bond Street area and walked around. I went in several places, but bought nothing. I did get a haircut and even though I have little hair left the price was no bargain. Nothing in London is a bargain. This is and always has been an expensive city, but one I enjoy visiting. Tomorrow I will take in museums and there is a ceremony at Hyde Park in honor of the queen we may attend. The next day we fly home.

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