By now everyone knows the disgraceful conduct of a little known Republican Congressman from South Carolina, Joe Wilson, during the President of the United States speech to a joint session of Congress. Heckling the President of the United States during a speech to the joint sessions of Congress is unprecedented in the history of Congress. Worse then the shouted interruption, calling the President a liar, during such a speech, is rude, insolent and discourteous. When it is done by a member of Congress it is shocking. The man should be censured, but I suspect he will escape any sanction by this Congress which has often demonstrated its failure to uphold the rules of decorum by its members. While his behavior was extremely flagrant and immature the blog Psychology Today asks the most intriguing question. If, as claimed by this clod ofa Congressman, that it was a spontaneous outburst, then who took the picture and how did they happen to photograph him as he was shouting the brief words"You lie"?. As expressed in the blog:

"So here's what I don't understand. If Joe Wilson's outburst during Obama's speech Wednesday night was truly "spontaneous," as Wilson claims, and no one (including Wilson himself) could have anticipated it, how come there is a sharply focused and neatly centered picture of Wilson right at the moment he shouted "You lie!" when the outburst lasted less than a second? In the picture, Wilson's mouth is still open, apparently in the middle of his shouting "lie."

Take a careful look at the photograph. As noted by the writer, there are five hundred and thirty five members of Congress. Before his breach of House decorum, Wilson was about the least known member of Congress, so why did someone have a camera focused on him during the speech? Not only that, the blog points out that the picture has been credited to various sources including "Getty Images," Joe_wilson_heckling_gi "AFP" (Agence France-Presse) or "Chip Somodevilla." and none of these have any connection to his home state so why would they be paying attention only to him during the address? There were about a dozen photographers present, we are told, so if you heard the start of a one second shout how is you could pick out this member among the hundreds present and get a sharply focused photo of him in the middle of his one second outburst?

Wilson is facing a tough opponent right now. One that came close to beating him the last time he ran. Did Wilson plot a way he thought would improve his chances of election among his conservative voters back home? Was this whole thing just another Republican political trick to get elected? If so Wilson didn’t plan well because Wilson’s campaign blog crashed from all the critical e-mails that he received. Not only that, in the first twenty four hours of his interrupting the President to call him a liar, his opponent took in $200,000 in political contributions from some five thousand individuals which quickly continued to grow to $600,000 causing Wilson to issue a paniced appeal for financial support. It looks like people expressed their disapproval with their dollars.

So, has Wilson learned his lesson? After all, he says he called the White House to apologize. Well, the answer to that is: No. Wilson says "I will not be muzzled." He says that he is not sorry for fighting back against the dangerous policies of liberal Democrats and "I will not back down." He claims the attacks for his conduct are politically motivated by "liberals." Now that doesn’t sound to me like a repentant sinner. It sounds to me like a politician who is struggling to keep his seat Congress who will stop at nothing to get re-elected. He sounds like the kind of Congressman who ought to be tossed out of congress on his rear.


  1. Wilson is a S.C., rep., who is not too bright and a racist. His comments on Stroms Thurmonds, mixed race baby, some years ago, “daughter should of kept quiet about her dad” even though family had verified and accepted the lady. The problem to me is their is a small number probably less than l0% of the congressmen and women who are from the South, and do not want a mixed race president, who is considered black. We, do not call them out and say it like it is because may not be politcally correct. I believe we should and I will call them out, Wilson is a ignorant southern racist, and I agree, should work to get him out of office. CB

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