We are enjoying perfect weather at the One and Only Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos while reading about storms and approaching storms in the Northwest. This is the right way to get weather news about Northwest storms. We took a direct flight from Seattle and were driven directly to the hotel which is close to the airport. Our room has a large balcony over the beach. The waves make loud, but wonderful, sounds as they hit the rocks and beach. There is a hot tub and small dip pool on the balcony. It is very peaceful, but for the sounds of hammer and sawing. It seems the last storm, not Ida, but Rick, hit this beach hard. The beach units with covered lounges were all washed away along with a lot of beach. There are men rebuilding these structures. 

Cabos When we got to the luggage area there was a couple who were taking a large box with their luggage. They told us that it was a microwave and it weighed fifty pounds. They explained they were going to stay with friends who have a condo here and needed a microwave, but could not ship it as they were told it would likely be stolen before delivery. So, they agreed to bring one as part of their luggage. Our two bags arrive but not together. We exit in the long line where every incoming passenger puts their luggage in an Xray machine and then collects it only  to move to a place where there is a button to push. If the light is green you pass to the exit. But if the light is red, they search your bag. A very strange and inefficient system. Worse, when you leave all your bags are opened and searched before you check in. A huge inconvenience and nuisance. 

The resort is very elegant and is situated on a beautiful area of beach. We first came here thirty years ago when the resort was much different. For the last few years we have stayed at Las Ventanas which is a very wonderful Rosewood resort. After they remodeled Palmila we began coming here instead. However, this year I am aware that the prices seem to have increased over last year. When a glass of Scotch and glass of wine result in a bill of $45 in the bar I notice it and object to   Rome or New York top prices. The resort is not full, but the Alaska Air flight getting here was full. We ate at the casual dining area the first night and the formal dining the second. The Charlie Trotter restaurant that was here is gone and a mixed menu bland one exists instead.  Prices at the casual dining were high, but not unreasonable. Prices at the formal dining were excessive in my view but the food was very good. Tonight we will try Las Ventanas and compare prices and food. In spite of my complaining the setting here is magnificent and the service outstanding. This is a great resort. 

We spend a few days here and then fly on to Scottsdale. We have children and grandchildren we are flying in and putting up at the Four Seasons for Thanksgiving. They always enjoy our annual Thanksgiving family gathering and especially the break from Seattle weather. I like the contrast between Los Cabos ocean weather and Scottsdale desert weather. 

This morning we watched men in a long open skiff fish for bait fish which they sell to the sports fisherman who wait further off shore in larger boats that bob up and down in the sea. There are rocks below our room and the men in the skiff fish among the rocks. A man in the bow stands, balancing himself against the roll of the boat as the waves come in. He holds a round fine mesh net with weights along the bottom and a line tied to the center of the net. He throws the net so that it goes out flat and sinks. As soon as it sinks he begins to pull the line which causes the net to collapse trapping fish inside. He pulls it to the skiff and empties the small fish in the boat. There is a man in the rear of the skiff who controls the large outboard motor. It's his job to move the bow of the skiff into the sea around the rocks and to put it into reverse to keep the waves from driving the skiff on the rocks. The skill of the man on the motor and the graceful coordination of the man throwing the net while maintaining his balance is a wonderful thing to watch.

Now it is time for me to go back to the labor of reading my Kindle and doing nothing at all.

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