On our last day in New Orleans the weather was beautiful. Hurricane Ida had moved on to somewhere else and it turned out that we never did experience any bad weather. We had dinner at a steak house which was good, but not great. I never did get that wonderful seafood dinner I was looking forward to eating in New Orleans. On the taxi ride home I noticed a lot more people on Bourbon Street then there had been a night or so before. I think a lot of people may have stayed home due to the weather reports.

I was up early the next day for a 7:30 am ride to the airport. Gerry came by to say good by as he has a later flight. I caught the flight to Houston and walked a very long way to my connecting gate. The flight to Seattle is five hours and it seemed like ten. It's a long flight, but I picked up a couple of hours due to the time change. It was good to get back to Gig Harbor.

I've had the chance to review my photos. I took lots of them, so why is it so few are as great as I thought they were when I took them? Lots of Madi Gras float pictures, a  few people pictures and some shots of scenes around the city with nary a one that's a real winner.

I'm back for several days and then leave with Lita for Cabo, Mexico. A few days there and then to Scottsdale where we'll meet some of the children who can make it along with grandchildren. Thank goodness the Scottsdale location is connected to the office so I can get some work done while getting some Arizona sun. And so it goes……..

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