Oprah’s Biggest Triumph

Oprah’s Biggest Triumph

That's the title of an article by David Carr in the New York Times Digest. He talks about her twenty five year run through  day time talk TV as an huge accomplishment. After praising her wise moves that kept her on television that long he says:

"…And now we can add in that she never hung on past her prime."

What a great truth – not staying past your prime in anything. Her spokesman says this wasn't a business Oprah decision, "this was about her life, the quality of her life and trusting that it was the right time."

Carr says that this kind of gut intuition is worth studying at every business graduate school in the country.

Another important point discussed in the article was made by Arianna Huffington who is quoted as saying:

"She was transparent and authentic before those things were cool."

These are huge, significant ideas for all of us no matter what our job, role or profession. The gift of knowing when to move on and always being authentic about who we are are of great importance. Not hanging on past our prime requires humility, wisdom and courage. Being transparent and authentic requires great courage, but it is the essence of good character.

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