I got started on a project researching information about a former star basketball and football player at Anacortes High School because I got an e-mail asking if I could provide it. In the process found year books on line. There is the high school building I remember.

Then I found a picture of my favorite teacher Ferndand Kramer who used to let me out early on the day of a basketball game so I could go to the gym and practice. He was an Anacortes kramer avid basket ball fan

I located the 1941 Anacortes Rhododendron which was the year Wallie Funk graduated. Wallie is "Mr. Anacortes" who has had much to do with the framing of my home town as it grew into the town it is.


I even found my own 1953 annual year book on line. Here's a few pages from that edition which I enjoyed seeing





 As I looked at the pictures I wondered what happened to my classmates from 1953. Are they alive and what are they doing today?

I enjoy history and am always interested in any history of my home town Anacortes.

Anacortes.5 Anacortes.3

Time has a way of moving very fast as we get older and time seems to fly at my age. I saw doctors in Scottsdale in preparation of a knee replacement surgery I'm having done there in a week. This will be a second replacement on that knee and I'm not looking forward to the surgery nor the weeks of rehabilitation. A young specialist I saw candidly said that I've reached an age where body organs and function are slowing in preparation of death. Not reassuring, but honest. so, if you don't see anything new on this blog over the next few weeks it's  hopefully because I am recuperating in Scottsdale and not the alternative.



  1. Best of luck with the recovery Paul! If there’s anything you need from Washington, don’t hesitate to ask, though I’m more than sure Lita has you covered.

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