Not only is complaining terrible for your brain, it is also bad for your health according to research In spite of that, I have some really annoying life events I want to share.

To start with, why do the internet company websites have to be so inaccessible to phone contact, cancellation and complaints to customer service? Email is most often not an option or involves a format that doesn’t allow you to discuss your problem. Dealing with a robot with “chat” is fruitless. Phone calls involve listening to long lists of optional choices none of which involve your problem. Talking to a live person is discouraged, but when you have that opportunity it is often someone from India with language issues. Then there is the other phone hell. Calling and being put on hold. Too often you have time to mow your lawn before someone answers and have you had the joy of being hold forever only to be disconnected?

Is it only me or do you think everyone, especially drivers, have become out of control aggressive. There are a lot of drivers who demand you get out of their way by being right on your bumper. Cars that pull out right in front of your car, just daring you not to yield to them. Road rage that involve guns has become common place. Then we have pedestrians cross mid block into traffic not looking right or left expecting the cars to stop for them. Customers at grocery stores who crowd ahead in line or to get products from the shelf.  What’s peculiar is that there is also another group of people. There are drivers who invite you to pull out, people who hold the door open for you or  people who offer to help you with a package. Kind people.

I don’t watch a lot of football on television, but when I do, I find most announcers are a annoying distraction. Where did they get the idea that football fans watch games on television because they are looking forward to the announcers being the center of entertainment? I thought they were supposed to describe the game for clear understanding and not jabber on and on about when they played football. Why do they assume we give a fig about what they think should be the play called or give their personal coaching analysis about what plays to run. Why do they think we want them to pontificate continuously about their ideas, tell stories about when they played or tells us how the coach should run the game? They talk about the irrelevant while ignoring the action on the field, or while a referee  is announcing a ruling or when an injured player is down. Worst of all: they are so filled with self importance they think  they should talk continuously, one hundred percent of the time during the game. I’ve got news for the great majority of them. You are too full of yourself and you are totally mistaken that we watch the game to be entertained by you.

Politics is too all consuming to include there. However, do you think we have reached a new low in blatant political hypocrisy and outright, bold face lying? Have we reached a political point where they only thing that counts is getting re-elected and not the public good? It certainly appears big money dominates in politics at a excessive level.

What about religion? It would appear a significant number of people believe their religious beliefs are the only acceptable ones. Therefore, they think it is God’s will that these beliefs should be imposed on everyone else whether they agree or not. We see the militants in other countries forcing a particular religious system on everyone when they gain control. We see countries where people of different faiths from the national religion are persecuted. We have experienced the same kind of belief in the United States by one group of religious believers working every way they can to gain control of the courts and legislatures in order to pass laws supporting their religious beliefs.

I won’t add the new surge of gun violence, theft and mob violence under a claim of protesting. Nor will I include the overwhelming homelessness and immigration challenges this country needs to address in a reasonable but humane manner. That would make this posting excessively long.

Now that I’ve done a substantial amount of harm to my psyche by this complaining I’m going to quit. You may not feel better, but I do. The best remedy is to trust in the Lord and pray for us all.

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